Category: COVID-19 for Employers

Get Involved: How You Can Help (NY State)

New York State is doing all it can to keep New Yorkers safe and stop the spread of COVID-19 ... Read More

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

This publication includes recommendations and descriptions of mandatory safety and health standards ... Read More

OSHA Guidance for Control and Prevention for Healthcare

OSHA has provided information for specific worker groups and their employers who may have potential exposures to COVID-19 ... Read More

Key OSHA COVID-19 Standards

There is no specific OSHA standard covering COVID-19. However, some OSHA requirements may apply to preventing occupational exposure to COVID-19. This section covers the most relevant ... Read More

Physician Wellness and Burnout

This report focuses on whether it is necessary to ask probing questions about mental health, substance abuse, etc. when doctors renew licenses and how this could discourage doctors to seek treatment ... Read More

4 Ways to Support Your Employees During COVID-19

From The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), this article discusses 4 ways to support your employees during the COVID-19 crisis ... Read More

Promoting Workplace Mental Health In The Age of COVID-19

At this point, we are well aware of steps that we can take to protect our physical health amidst this epidemic: washing our hands, staying in if we are sick, and avoiding close contact with others who are. But what about our mental health? ... Read More

Talkspace – Free Therapy for Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID-19

Talkspace recently announced they were donating 1,000 months of free online therapy to medical workers across the United States ... Read More

Manage Anxiety and Stress During COVID-19

This information from the CDC discusses coping with stress, managing anxiety, and reducing stress in yourself and others ... Read More