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Increasing Employee Morale During COVID-19

Employee morale is at an increased value during the COVID-19 outbreak, as our healthcare workforce experiences increased working hours, increased risk of COVID-19 transmission, and increased stress and anxiety ... Read More

Effect of Workplace Fun on Employee Morale and Performance

This research paper discusses the benefits of promoting workplace fun for employee morale ... Read More

The Relationship Between Employee Morale and Employee Productivity

A research project from the Tulsa Fire Department to determine the relationship between morale and productivity of a platoon. This is relative to the healthcare workforce, as both work forces encounter a high burnout rate ... Read More

Physician Wellness and Burnout

This report focuses on whether it is necessary to ask probing questions about mental health, substance abuse, etc. when doctors renew licenses and how this could discourage doctors to seek treatment ... Read More

4 Ways to Support Your Employees During COVID-19

From The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), this article discusses 4 ways to support your employees during the COVID-19 crisis ... Read More

Promoting Workplace Mental Health In The Age of COVID-19

At this point, we are well aware of steps that we can take to protect our physical health amidst this epidemic: washing our hands, staying in if we are sick, and avoiding close contact with others who are. But what about our mental health? ... Read More

Tip on Supporting Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a mental and emotional toll on Americans across the country. The American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) have created a document containing tips for staff during this time ... Read More

Psychological First Aid Zoom Lecture

Presented by Dr. Craig Katz from the School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, this lecture discusses crisis and trauma at a personal and societal level and how to perform psychological first aid to maintain psychological well-being ... Read More
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National EMS Awards of Excellence: Submissions Are Now Open

So many inspirational stories have arisen in light of the COVID-19 response. Why not submit a provider, crew or service to the National EMS Awards of Excellence? ... Read More
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Clinical Communications: The Foundation of Patient Engagement and Value-Based Care

Healthcare organizations must focus on patient engagement, as well as better communication and collaboration among providers and staff throughout the continuum of care ... Read More
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