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Recruitment, Onboarding, & Retention: A Toolkit for Health Centers

This information comes from the National Association of Community Health Centers ... Read More

6 Keys for Retired Physicians Considering Return to Practice

States across the nation are calling on retired physicians and other health professionals to consider reentering the workforce to help mitigate the strain on the U.S. health system that’s a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic ... Read More

Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is fast-tracking drugs to treat COVID-19. The Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program is designed to bring new therapies to COVID-19 patients as quickly as possible while supporting research to determine whether those therapies are safe and effective. The agency said that it was reviewing study protocols within 24 hours in many cases and reviewing expanded access requests within three hours. Read more from Modern Healthcare ... Read More
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GNYHA Secures Immunity for Hospitals and Workers from Liability in Connection with COVID-19

The Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) is reporting that the Emergency Disaster Treatment Protection Act is included in the State fiscal year 2021 final budget. This bill grants qualified immunity to hospitals, nursing homes, administrators, board members, physicians, nurses, and many other providers from civil and criminal liability arising from decisions, acts, and omissions occurring from the beginning of the Governor's emergency declaration on March 7 through its expiration, and covers liability stemming from the care of individuals with and without COVID-19. Read more here ... Read More
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Coronavirus strains rural hospitals ‘to the absolute limit’

Rural hospitals trying to stay afloat in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic are a long way from normal. Often underfunded, understaffed and undersupplied, they’re now facing the looming impacts of COVID-19. Read more of this article from NBC News ... Read More
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HHS to Use Coronavirus Relief Funds to Pay for Care for Uninsured

HHS Secretary Alex Azar said Friday that the Trump administration will use a $100 billion hospital and provider relief fund to reimburse hospitals at Medicare rates for uncompensated COVID-19 care for the uninsured ... Read More
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CDC DentalCheck Mobile App

Dental health care personnel can use this free mobile application, CDC DentalCheck, to periodically assess practices in their facility and ensure they are meeting the minimum expectations for safe care ... Read More

Long-standing racial and income disparities seen creeping into COVID-19 care

The new coronavirus doesn't discriminate. But physicians in public health and on the front lines said they already can see the emergence of familiar patterns of racial and economic bias in the response to the pandemic ... Read More
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Time to Organize Second- and Third-String Teams

How a detailed staff inventory can help meet the COVID-19 demand safely ... Read More
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Travel Nurse Pay Triples Amid COVID-19 and Hospitals Use These 6 Extreme Hiring Tactics

From paying travel nurses over $10,000 per week to pooling nursing students to begging retired RNs and army medics to come back to work - here’s how hospitals and employment agencies are trying to stay staffed through the COVID-19 pandemic ... Read More