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1199SEIU Job Openings

If you are a retired 1199SEIU member or someone seeking employment in healthcare, your skills are needed now more than ever ... Read More

Travel Nurse Pay Triples Amid COVID-19 and Hospitals Use These 6 Extreme Hiring Tactics

From paying travel nurses over $10,000 per week to pooling nursing students to begging retired RNs and army medics to come back to work - here’s how hospitals and employment agencies are trying to stay staffed through the COVID-19 pandemic ... Read More

Fighting the Coronavirus Requires a Strong Direct Care Workforce

This article from the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute outlines the impact of direct care workers on combating the coronavirus pandemic ... Read More
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LPN to RN Guide

LPNs and RNs each play critical roles in the medical system: both provide essential care and indispensable practical knowledge ... Read More
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Exploring Nursing as a Career: Nursing Student

Congratulations on your decision to enroll in a nursing program! You have applied to a School of Nursing and been accepted. Now what? ... Read More
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Are You Ready to Climb the Senior Leader Career Ladder?

Each healthcare facility will have a designated number and type of executive positions. These positions are constantly in a state of flux based on the ever-changing healthcare environment ... Read More
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Culture Fit Interview Questions and Answers: The Balance Careers

Do you hire employees based on your assessment of their answers to interview questions that seek to understand their cultural fit? If you don't, you are missing a critical opportunity to learn how prospective employee's answers to interview questions help you determine whether the candidate will work successfully in your organization culture ... Read More
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Making a Return to Nursing After a Long Hiatus Takes the Right Motivation

Making a return to nursing after a long hiatus takes the right motivation With the right motivation, making your return to nursing is within your reach ... Read More
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Doctors, Nurses From Across the US Step Up to Help NYC on the Coronavirus Front Lines

With many health care workers falling ill and fighting exhaustion, nurses and doctors are traveling from around the country or from outside their practice area, to provide aid in New York ... Read More
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18 Informative Podcasts for All Nurses

These podcasts come from a wide variety of health-related websites, and are a great way to stay up to date on the latest nursing-related information ... Read More