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Travel Nurse Pay Breakdown

One of the biggest benefits of travel nursing is being able to move around freely and explore the country. The pay is important and a huge reason why nurses get into the travel world. But, pay is based on location and demand ... Read More
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Confronting Rural America’s Health Care Crisis

The Bipartisan Policy Center’s Rural Health Task Force has developed recommendations over the last year to stabilize and improve the urgent problems challenging rural communities and to do it permanently ... Read More

New York State Contact Tracing Initiative

New York looks to hire a team of 6,400 to 17,000 staff statewide ... Read More
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The Impact of the Pandemic on Healthcare Employment

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent public health response have led to extraordinary job loss in the United States ... Read More
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358K Healthcare Jobs Added in June

Healthcare added 358,000 jobs in June, with hospitals seeing their first modest gain since March ... Read More
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26 Hospitals Bringing Back Furloughed Employees

Many U.S. hospitals and health systems have furloughed staff to help offset revenue losses from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, some are starting to bring furloughed workers back as they resume nonemergency procedures and medical appointments ... Read More
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Healthcare Jobs Grew by 75K in August as Industry Recovers from Job Losses Due to COVID-19

Hospitals continue to add more jobs after several major subsystems furloughed and laid off workers at the onset of the pandemic in March ... Read More
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As the Pandemic Poses Risks for Older Doctors, Some are Retiring Early in Response

As longtime practicing physicians and specialists are closing their offices, experts say this will probably lead to major shortages of doctors and nurses in the future ... Read More
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Healthcare Jobs in Uneven Recovery after Big Spring Losses

Some of the healthcare sectors initially hit hardest by the pandemic have posted gains every month since April, and appear to be inching closer to their pre-pandemic levels ... Read More
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58,300 Healthcare Jobs Added in October; Hospitals See Job Gains

Hospitals are seeing job growth for the fourth month since March ... Read More
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