COVID Vax: Americans OK with Frontline Workers at Front of Line?

September 30, 2020 by Christen Aldrich

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Last modified October 1, 2020

In his new feature “Articles You Will Definitely Read… Later,” Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH, examines a paper from JAMA Network Open that surveyed U.S. adults, asking them who they felt should be prioritized to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it first is made available to the public. He discusses the findings of the paper in this article from MedPage Today, calling the paper interesting and a timely topic. He explains how the authors of the study performed a survey, trying to ascertain what are the preferences of U.S. adults if we had a coronavirus vaccine in the next 12 to 18 months, and if there wasn’t enough of it to go around — [they ask] who do you think should get it first?

The authors phoned a thousand people, and roughly 14% of them responded to this survey. What they found were people responding that we ought to distribute to the groups that benefit from the vaccine the most. Specifically, they say high priority should be given to frontline healthcare workers, those people who put themselves on the line every day. “They’re willing to make the sacrifice for the greater good. And that is reassuring. And that is a positive note in this time where I think many of us need to hear that positive note,” Prasad says.

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