FDA Gives Go-head to Fast $5 Coronavirus Test that Doesn’t Require Lab Equipment

August 28, 2020 by Christen Aldrich

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Last modified August 31, 2020

According to this article by Politico, the Food and Drug Administration has authorized emergency use of a coronavirus test that costs $5 and can produce results in 15 minutes without the use of any lab equipment. The test, designed by manufacturer Abbott, is designed for use within seven days of the onset of symptoms. It gives results on a card reminiscent of the stick used in many over-the-counter pregnancy tests. If one line appears on the card, the patient is negative for the coronavirus; two lines indicates a positive result. Health care providers still must administer the test but it can be done in point-of-care settings like offices.

Abbott says it could soon manufacture 50 million of the rapid antigen tests per month, which could ease the country’s testing bottleneck by greatly increasing overall capacity and the speed at which results arrive. The United States has tested about 22 million people in the last month.

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