Georgia Student Creates Lifesaving COVID-19 Equipment

June 3, 2020 by Christen Aldrich

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Last modified June 4, 2020

Kentez Craig grew up with both of parents who were paramedics. He shared with NBC News in this article that he constantly heard his parents tell stories of responding to burning buildings and crushed cars. They instilled in him the importance of serving one’s community and never panicking in a crisis.

Watching the pandemic devastate Atlanta, Craig said his parents’ devotion to public service inspired him to take action. Together with a small team of Georgia Tech faculty and students, he has spent the past two months working to design and build critical protective gear and medical equipment to help first responders battle COVID-19.

Craig’s team has provided thousands of face shields to medical facilities across the country, as well as 200 intubation boxes, which is a protective barrier that shields health care workers from respiratory droplets when intubating patients. The face shield design they created has been used to produce nearly 2 million of them.

“I saw nothing better I could do to give back to people like my mom, my dad – who have been working in emergency services – and first responders on the real front lines of this,” Craig said.

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