Healthcare Workers are Desperate for Americans to Listen: ‘We didn’t go to nursing school to be martyrs’

November 20, 2020 by Christen Aldrich

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Last modified November 23, 2020

According to this recent article from The Washington Post, healthcare workers are facing a steep climb in coronavirus cases as the spread of the virus looks relentless in the march toward Thanksgiving. The U.S. is facing a dramatic increase in almost every single state just before what is traditionally a peak time for holiday travel across the country, a time that often causes another virus — the flu — to spread. As a result, healthcare workers are begging Americans to stay home and avoid holiday travel or attending Thanksgiving celebrations. Sadly, many feel that their warnings are being ignored and that Americans are either in denial or simply not taking COVID seriously enough.

“Patients are very grateful for the care they get, but people only care about what happens to them. People are being selfish and they act like it’s not real. I know so many people on social media that went to Halloween parties, that go out to eat constantly or have these large social gatherings, and then one of them gets sick, and then they expect people to take care of them,” said Lauren Sharp, a nurse in Michigan. “It’s just that expectation. How do nurses meet that expectation when we are struggling with the community not wanting to help us? I have to go in there and sacrifice my health. Are nurses supposed to do that? We didn’t go to nursing school to be martyrs.”

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