How COVID-19 Could Affect Med School Admissions

September 24, 2020 by Christen Aldrich

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Last modified September 25, 2020

Although the pandemic has upended many people’s plans, it does not appear to have stopped aspiring doctors from pursuing their dreams and submitting medical school applications. According to this article from U.S. News, medical school officials from across the U.S. say that they are receiving just as many applications this year as last year, and some med schools report that they have gotten at least 10% more applications so far this year than at the same point last year. Because of this, competition has increased for spots within U.S. medical schools.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the number of applications submitted through its AMCAS application portal as of August 18 of this year is 47,124 – which is 16% higher than the application volume at the same time last year. Admissions deans emphasize that they are evaluating applications holistically to ensure that COVID-related inconveniences do not block promising med school candidates from becoming physicians.

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