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The workforce needs board is a public facing tool for you to post your workforce needs so your local community and businesses can volunteer and/or offer resources, services, and solutions.

See Examples of Workforce Needs

Examples of workforce needs may include, but are not limited to:

  • FTEs for frontline healthcare providers and essential workers needed to cover a COVID-19 surge.
  • Volunteers to support your organization’s efforts to protect your community from COVID-19.
  • Software solutions to address workforce communication, scheduling, and training challenges.
  • PPE and equipment needed to protect and support your workforce.
  • Community services to support the families of your frontline healthcare providers and essential workers.
  • Meals for the workforce when there’s not enough time to take lunch and dinner breaks.
  • Prepackaged groceries for the workforce to take home when no time to food shop in between long shifts.
  • Hotel rooms for staff taking care of COVID-19 patients and don’t want to go home and risk exposure to their families.
  • Laundry services when there isn’t time to clean work clothes and scrubs.
  • Scrubs to ensure staff does not have to wear work clothes home from the hospital.

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