Providers Use Remote Tech to Monitor Patients’ Health at Home

May 20, 2020 by Christen Aldrich

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Last modified May 21, 2020

Modern Healthcare published an article examining how providers from Prime Home Health Services, a home care agency based in Brooklyn, are using remote technology to monitor patients recovering from COVID-19. The providers are working with MonitorMe to equip about 30 patients’ homes with this remote device. MonitorMe’s system uses a wireless patch that is attached to the left side of the patient’s chest. This patch relays heart rate and electrical activity, breathing rates, and oxygen levels.

The data is then overseen by MonitorMe’s Monitoring Intervention Center 24/7, and its team of physicians and nurses can coordinate with Prime to get patients medical attention if needed. Patients can also communicate with MonitorMe’s clinicians through a mobile app.

Geisinger has also launched a mobile app, allowing patients to check-in with providers as they recover. “One of the clinical challenges with COVID-19 is being able to identify patients who need additional care or hospitalization,” said Dr. Benjamin Hohmuth, chief medical informatics officer at Geisinger. “By closely monitoring patients recovering at home, we can quickly make adjustments to their level of care, answer any questions they might have and help keep them healthy and safe.”

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