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What you need to know today

Survey Shows COVID-19 is Taking a Toll on Med Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered medical students’ experience in 2020, and many believe it will affect how they practice medicine long after the pandemic subsides ... Read More

Coronavirus: Embrace Post-traumatic Growth as Response to Pandemic

With a positive approach to change, healthcare workers and their organizations can emerge from the pandemic stronger and more resilient ... Read More

What you missed this week

Nurses Are at High Risk for COVID Among Health Workers, C.D.C. Says

A new study looks at the high numbers of health care workers hospitalized during the early months of the pandemic ... Read More

How a National Patient Safety Plan Can Help Clinicians

Patient safety and clinician safety remain intrinsically linked ... Read More

Pandemic Increases Burnout Among New Hampshire’s Healthcare Workers

The pandemic has put a renewed spotlight on the longstanding issue of burnout — as well as ways to address it ... Read More

Is Med Ed Changing for Better or Worse?

The next generation of physicians is learning much differently from how established doctors once did ... Read More

The Health Care Workforce: Trends, Issues, and Resources

A webinar covering health care workforce issues with a focus on rural health workforce challenges ... Read More

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