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This resource database consists of quality-curated content spanning various topics relevant to the healthcare workforce. This database is designed to provide the health workforce with quick and easy access to information, resources, and tools that address a number of workforce challenges.

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  • COVID-19 for the Workforce

    The coronavirus pandemic has impacted healthcare workers all over the world. Use these resources, tools, and trainings to navigate the unique needs and challenges of COVID-19. This includes personal safety, mental health, childcare, infection control, and using PPEs.

  • Health and Wellness

    This category provides resources to help the workforce stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Resources include tools for coping with trauma, online therapy options, screening, childcare, substance abuse, healthy eating, and stress management, among other topics.

  • Return to the Workforce

    For healthcare professionals returning to the workforce, either after sick leave, retirement, or a break, resources found here will help make the transition smoother, particularly for those rejoining due to the workforce shortage during COVID-19.

  • Trainings for the Workforce

    Access trainings and guides on various healthcare requirements, such as COVID-19 preparedness, using PPEs, mental health, infection control, and communications.

  • Volunteer

    Use these resources to navigate volunteer requirements and registration.

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