The Health Care Workforce: Trends, Issues, and Resources

October 26, 2020 by Christen Aldrich

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Last modified October 27, 2020

The New York State Association for Rural Health (NYSARH) hosted this webinar, which covers health care workforce issues with a focus on rural health workforce challenges. The webinar presents primary and secondary data to describe research on workforce trends. In the webinar, the speakers discuss supply and demand of the health care workforce, recruitment and retention, federal shortage area designations, service obligated programs, challenges to the workforce as a result of COVID-19, and highlight other resources for decision makers.

The speaker of the webinar is Kris Stiegler, Senior Project Coordinator with the Center for Health Workforce Studies at the School of Public Health at SUNY Albany. She is involved in a number of projects at the Center, which includes assisting with primary and secondary data collection, analysis, and reporting. Kris has a Masters of Public Administration, and has previously worked at various levels of the public sector, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Oregon Health Authority, county government, and non-profit organizations.

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