Traveling Nurse from Hot Spot to Hot Spot

July 27, 2020 by Christen Aldrich

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Last modified July 28, 2020

Vox published an interview with nurse Jennifer Byrd, describing her experience traveling across the country facing the coronavirus hot spots. This past April, she left her home in Knoxville, Tennessee, to lend a hand in New York City, which was then the epicenter of the United States. “I felt like I needed to go and help somewhere where help was actually needed,” Byrd says.

Byrd, 31, thought her assignment in a Brooklyn emergency room would be the end of her journey as a traveling nurse during COVID-19. That’s not what happened: Three months later, she’s still on the road. After New York, she went to work at a testing site in Iowa, where the next closest testing location was more than three hours away. Now she’s working in a critical care unit in Arizona, which is quite a change of pace from the ER. She spends a lot more time with patients, allowing her to closely monitor their symptoms in case they begin to deteriorate.

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